As Android continues its attempt to chip away at the iOS audience bit by bit, it received quite the boost in confidence this week, as Microsoft published its first game for the Google Play store.

OK, so Kinectimals has already been on Windows Phone and iOS for ages, and no doubt iPhone and iPad users will be using lines like "I was playing that game before it was cool" or whatever the kids say these days [yup, it's true - Kid's Ed].

But it's a notable move by the big MS, as the company essentially shows that it has faith that Android games will sell. It also no doubt signals the start of a relationship between Microsoft and Android devices, as other MS games are bound to follow.

In case you're not sure what Kinectimals is all about, the game features a range of mini-games to play with your virtual pet on the island of Lemuria. You can snap photos, feed your pet chow and unlock certificates for being a good handler.

The Android version is available to for £1.93 [buy]. Go give them a cuddle, you big softy.