Neuroshima Hex developer Big Daddy's Creations has just pinged us an email to let us know that it's submitted an all-new update to Apple that will - so long as it's approved - add asynchronous online multiplayer functionality to its Bronze Award-winning strategy game.

In addition to this, the refresh will introduce support for the gorgeous Retina display that's found on the front of Apple's third-generation iPad, as well as push notifications and in-game chat for when you're playing with other real-world opponents.

Finally, the game's developer has implemented several fixes, added a better tutorial and undo button, and introduced the ability to create a player profile and choose an avatar in this imminent update.

Providing it gets past Apple's strict approval process unscathed, this update should be available to download in the next week or so. Neuroshima Hex costs £2.99 / $4.99.