Telltale has just announced that the first instalment in its episodic The Walking Dead tie-in adventure game will shamble onto iOS devices in April.

Though the game's development has been public knowledge for some time, Telltale has remained extremely secretive regarding its content and platform support.

What we can tell you is that April's maiden The Walking Dead: The Game episode will be the first of five, and that the rest will follow at regular (but unspecified) intervals.

Given that Telltale is renowned for producing point-and-click puzzlers like Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone and Hector: Ep3 - Beyond Reasonable Doom, we expect this zombie-infested offering to be more about problem solving than straight-up action.

Brain food

GMA Network did pull a tasty tidbit of info on The Walking Dead: The Game from an Entertainment Weekly interview, however, in which the show's creator Robert Kirkman said:

"One of the key aspects of Walking Dead is it focuses on character and the emotion, and that theme is very much alive in the game."

The immensely popular comic book-inspired TV show, which has been breaking ratings records left, right, and centre on the AMC network, has already spawned one Android-based adventure, subtitled Dead Reckoning.

You'll have to wait until April if you want to see what Telltale's iOS game designers have managed to shake out of their... braiiiiins...


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