PlayerThree has informed us that it's working on a 3D puzzle-platformer for the PS Vita called Chronovolt, which the developer plans to release during the "launch window" of Sony's latest handheld console.

The downloadable title, which centres on this year's purported world-ending apocalypse, will task you with tilting your Vita to successfully roll a ball-like Chrono Sphere to the exit of various hazard-filled arenas.

Luckily, you have the ability to manipulate time. For example, if you collect the chronovolts that litter each of the game's stages, you can use the Vita's front and rear touchscreen to rewind or completely stop time.

You can even produce time warps that send your foes into different dimensions.

Keep rollin'

Chronovolt will feature a single-player campaign and an asynchronous multiplayer mode, which will allow you to send challenges to your buddies.

You'll even be able to use the Vita's Near and GPS functionality to leave challenges for other players in real-world locations, although this feature won't be available at the game's launch.

There are several screenshots and artwork samples in our gallery above, so go and check them out.