Now that Angry Birds has finally flung itself onto the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and with the imminent arrival of version 2.0 of the PlayBook OS, the way has been paved for developers to jump into what has until now been a largely barren gaming landscape.

Three new games to land on the tablet's App World store come from UK indie Paw Print Games in the form of Kami Retro HD, Battle Bugs and KamiCrazy.

Kami coming

The first of those is already a Pocket Gamer Silver Award winning platform puzzler (seen screens above) on iPhone, described affectionately by PG alumnus Tracy Erikson as 'Super Mario's evil doppelganger.'

Battle Bugs, meanwhile riffs off Team 17's Worms franchise, though with more backbone, and KamiCrazy propping up the pack with its Lemmings-light take on multitasking gameplay.

All three games are available now on BlackBerry App World for £4.99/$4.99 each.

You can get an idea how Kami Retro plays in the following video of the iOS version.

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