Aussie developer Firemint is getting into the festive spirit early, releasing new updates for its hit Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning iPhone titles Spy Mouse, Flight control, and Gold Award-winning iPad-only Flight Control HD.

Spy Mouse’s first world has received a seasonal makeover, with plenty of snow and decorations to make things a little more festive. Cheese crumbs are a thing of the past, too. Instead you’ll be chasing after candy canes en route to fighting a now festive-themed first boss.

Line-drawing classic Flight Control, on the other hand, will be getting a slightly less festive 'rewind' feature, allowing players to avert potential disasters.

The update also includes a new map called Storm Airfield (set, unsurprisingly, in a storm) and a 'Thunderstruck' achievement, for those of you (un)lucky enough to have a single aircraft struck by lightning three times.

Meanwhile Flight Control HD is eschewing all pretence of realism and touching down with a new map called Moon Base. It also gets the same 'rewind' ability as its little brother for when everything goes all Apollo 13.

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