Head to Volcano Island with Firemint's latest update to Spy Mouse

Don't blow your top

Head to Volcano Island with Firemint's latest update to Spy Mouse
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Firemint updated its wildly successful Spy Mouse and Spy Mouse HD today with a new world to explore: Volcano Island.

The Silver Award winner gains 11 new levels in Volcano Island, each of which have three goals to achieve and plenty of new obstacles and baddies to negotiate.

In addition to the usual fiery mayhem that accompanies a volcano level in a game such as fireballs and lava pits, Jungle Cats armed with poison darts make their debut appearance in Spy Mouse to add to the challenge.

Power up the mouse

To help compensate for the new enemies, Agent Squeak has received a few new power-ups from Banana Peels to Invici-balls.

A new ally, Digger the Dog, is also introduced in this update as item seller/shopkeeper.

And finally, in a move to please trophy fanatics, the new update will enable players to view their Spy Mouse accomplishments through Game Center.

If you haven't play Spy Mouse yet, check out our video review below.

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