Big changes are afoot in the Sims franchise, with EA announcing plans to bring a new free-play-title by the name of The Sims FreePlay to iOS platforms next month.

Unlike its classic counterparts, The Sims FreePlay will operate on a 24-hour cycle, encouraging players to check in and out throughout the day rather than playing for extended sessions.

The game features up to 16 unique sims going about the kind of business you’d expect a sim to do. Earning dosh for furniture and home improvements, your Sims will eventually be able to customise their home towns with shops and parks.

Although technically free-to-play, the game will operate with in-app purchases. All content in the game can eventually be earned, but you'll also be able to chip in with real life cash to speed up the process.

The Sims FreePlay will be coming to the iPad and iPhone next month. Check out the screenshots and watch this space for further updates.

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