Disney's popular Silver Award-winning iOS puzzler Where's My Water? is now available through the Android Market.

If you haven't been following Pocket Gamer's coverage of the physics-based title, it charges you with helping Swampy the Alligator to bathe himself by filling his bathtub with clean water.

This, naturally, isn't as easy as turning on a tap. You have to compete with algae, toxic waste, triggers, switches, and other hindrances.

There are five themed chapters and 100 levels to compete, as well as bonus levels that are unlocked by nabbing hidden collectables. Pocket Gamer has your back with this handy walkthrough.

At review, we said that Where's My Water?'s "physics-heavy puzzling should appeal to everyone, despite its childish exterior and some control irritations".

You can grab it from the Android Market for 63p/99c [buy].