Where's My Water? Allie DLC guide - Tips, hints, and walkthrough inside

Beat every level, find every duck, solve every challenge, finish every bonus level

Where's My Water? Allie DLC guide - Tips, hints, and walkthrough inside
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Meet Allie: a music-loving croc, and the new heroine of Disney's hydrocentric puzzler Where's My Water?

She's the star of a new pack of downloadable content, which is unsurprisingly entitled Allie's Story. In each Allie Story level, you'll need to redirect some steam to Allie's room in order to turn on her steam-powered organ.

This downloadable pack of levels contains some tough puzzles, some tricky challenges, and a number of hidden bonus stages.

More than ever, then, you're going to need a guide to excel - so, sit back and let Pocket Gamer do all the tricky bits.

The Basics

To beat each stage, you'll need to deliver steam to the drainage pipe near Allie by tunnelling through dirt and solving puzzles. Get enough steam in Allie's hose, and she will be able to play her steam-powered organ.

Steam is usually stored in a reservoir or shot out of a pipe. You can also create steam by pouring water (or toxic purple water) on hot coals.

Wheres My Water 1. Steam. Allie's levels are just like Swampy's from the main game. This time around, though, you're pushing steam into the hose rather than water. 2. Dirt. Good old-fashioned dirt. You can dig through this brown stuff with your finger, creating tunnels and dips for water and steam to travel through. Remember that water will always obey gravity, so don't expect it to travel uphill without a little force. 3. Ducks. These are optional items (three to a stage) that give you more points. You can grab Swampy's ducks by filling them up with water. To fit Allie's theme, you fill up these ducks with steam to nab them. You can either get them as you go or beat the level and come back later to pick them up. 4. Exit pipe. The exit point for the level's steam. 5. Allie. The heroine of the piece. Give her a little tap to see her animations.

These levels are intended for masters of Where's My Water?, and often require techniques that you'll only learn by playing Swampy's stages.

You're going to need to know about algae, hot coals, ice, fans, switches, pipes, pumps, and poison.

As such, we recommend you complete all of the base levels before you try your hand at Allie's levels, or - at the very least - read our in-depth descriptions of the game's mechanics in our guide to Swampy's adventure.

Video Guides

If you're struggling to finish a level, this series of video guides will help you along. Remember: you can always hit 'Skip Level' from the menu to bypass hard levels and come back later to pick up ducks you missed the first time.

Warming Up
Tuning In
Music Box

In certain levels, a musical instrument will be hidden in the dirt. Dig it out and finish the level, and it will be added to your Music Box. If you have three in one category, you will be handed a bonus level to play.

To collect them all, load up the levels as detailed below, and scratch at the spot we're pointing to. The bonus levels will be described below.

Allie Allie
A1-2 - Triangle A1-5 - Xylophone
Allie Allie
A1-9 - Tambourine A1-13 - Tuba
Allie Allie
A1-15 - Drum A1-20 - Cymbals
Allie Allie
A2-1 - Saxophone A2-4 - Harmonica
Allie Allie
A2-7 - Piano A2-9 - Guitar
Allie Allie
A2-13 - Violin A2-20 - Harp

Bonus Levels

If you collect three musical instruments (see Music Box above) in one category, you will be given a bonus level to play. You can find them in the 'Music Box' menu.

Unlike the rest of the stages in Where's My Water?, these bonus levels require you to use the accelerometer in your iPhone or iPad to manipulate gravity and send steam and water in any direction you please. Use this technique to send steam to Allie's ducks.

Remember that steam floats up, so have the area you want the steam to travel to at the top of your device.


Cold Shoulder
Spend the first few seconds making a careful path through the level that goes through each duck but avoids the ice on the edges.

Once that's done, tilt your device in order to guide the steam through your makeshift tunnel.


Mystery Burrow
Tilt your device to send some steam to each duck. Only focus on one duck at a time, and remember that you only need a smidgen of steam to fill up and collect each duck.


Left Brain, Right Brain
Dig out a tunnel between the ducks. Now, guide the steam through the tunnel very slowly while making sure that the steam on the left side of the screen does not hit any of the four exposed mines.

Take your time, and be delicate with each twist.


Make a safe passage from both caches of poison to hot coals at the top. When all the poison has turned to steam, do the same with the water.

Now, destroy all the dirt and guide the steam to all the ducks, one at a time.

Allie's Challenges

This level pack also features challenges. In these, you are asked to complete stages from the entire Where's My Water? package - including Cranky's Story - albeit with new rules and mechanics.

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