Indie developer Bit Blot is bringing its 2007 Independent Games Festival-winning Aquaria to the iPad this autumn, complete with several gameplay improvements and tweaks.

This underwater adventure sees you taking on the role of Naija, who travels between hidden caves and sunlit oases in search of her missing family.

Naija can overcome obstacles and enemies, alter her form to fire projectiles and pass through otherwise inaccessible barriers, and change the surrounding waters using various songs learnt throughout the game.

Aquaria's PC release also featured a level editor, but it's unclear if that will survive the transition to iPad.


The tablet version of the game will, however, contain gameplay changes that make the title more accessible to casual players, such as a new mini-map that displays the areas you've successfully explored.

Aquaria is scheduled to arrive on Apple's tablet this autumn. Check out the teaser trailer below while you wait.

PC version pictured above.

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