You've done it.

We told you earlier this month that you could make iPhone and iPad shoot-'em-ups RAGE and RAGE HD free for a limited time simply by 'Liking' them on Facebook, and you can now grab both shooters from the App Store without spending a penny.

Both games quickly throw you into a post-apocalyptic scenario, where you fight for survival by pumping vicious mutants with as much lead as possible.

As you progress through the game's arenas you'll find scores of ammo for your three weapons, and bags of cash that contribute to your overall score.

Both titles are on-rails, meaning you can't freely roam about each level, but you can dodge incoming dangers and perform brutal melee attacks on close targets.

If any of that sounds right up your street, you can download RAGE and RAGE HD for free until 9:59 AM EST on August 24th. That's around 3PM GMT.

Both downloads are Universal apps, so you can play them on both the iPhone and iPod touch, and also on the iPad.

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