Gameloft's Max Payne-alike 9mm has been in development for a year, and it's finally available on the New Zealand App Store as a Universal app.

As John ‘Loose’ Kannon you take on the role of a Californian copper knee deep in drug-busting conspiracies and core gun-totting gameplay.

We recently interviewed executive producer Arnaud Bonnard about 9mm, who highlighted Gameloft's ambition to challenge hardcore console shooters with its truly adult setting.

According to the multiplayer trailer below, and the images to the right of these words, the adult setting is apparently adorned with golden guns, slow-mo (bullet-time-esque) violence, and a hefty batch of multiplayer options.

The game hits New Zealand at noon and should sweep onto the UK App Store later tonight for £3.99/$6.99/€5.49.

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