Bullet-time action game 9mm out now on Android and Xperia Play

I Kannon believe it

Bullet-time action game 9mm out now on Android and Xperia Play
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Gameloft’s bullet-time Max Payne-alike 9mm has leapt through a window in slow-motion and onto the Android Market today for both Android touchscreens and Xperia Play.

The game casts you as the cringe-worthy John ‘Loose’ Kannon, a cop who doesn’t take crap from anyone, least of all stereotypical Latino gang members in Los Angeles. This is because he’s a maverick.

The game has a fully licensed hip-hop soundtrack for you to immediately switch off, as well as the ability to dive about in slo-mo while shooting pistols and assault rifles at baddies.

It also features 12-player multiplayer (slo-mo, alas, not included) across four maps through Gameloft Live! if you’re into that sort of thing.

To be honest, we weren’t overly enamoured with Kannon’s reduced-speed diving antics when 9mm launched on iOS, awarding it a middling ‘5’, but I’m sure some of you will enjoy the slightly awkward controls and bizarre difficulty spikes more than others.

We’ll no doubt have a review of the Xperia Play version up on site soon, but in the meantime you can pick up 9mm for your HD Android smartphones for £4.51 (download).

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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