The Playforge's undead grow-'em-up Zombie Farm has been updated with new seasonal content.

Included in the update to this PG Top 10 farming sim fare is a brand new ice cream-themed invasion, which you can undertake from level eight.

If you're brave enough to attempt it, you'll be pitted against the formidable Dairy King, who is using his ice cream truck and the promise of free scoops to spread brain freeze – a zombie's pet hate, allegedly.

The Playforge has also included a selection of new enemies and themed invasion loot in this latest version, such as colourful ice cream cones that you can display on your farm.

Several bugs have been fixed and a Whac-a-mole-esque game has also been added.

Zombie Farm's developer promises new social features for the game's next update; in the meantime, you can pick up the universal app from the App Store for free.