Tiny Wings on iPhone has received its first update, adding a number of new features and fixing some pesky bugs.

The big news is that the game now boasts Game Center support in the form of leaderboards and achievements while new OpenFeint leaderboards have been added.

Statistics such as distance, longest fever, coins eaten, and cloud touches are now easier to track with the new stats menu, while statistics for the current run are shown in the pause menu.

Developer Andreas Illiger has also added an on-screen fever counter, which makes it easier to complete certain objectives.

Changes to the game include a new nest, while the sixth island has been made slightly easier to tackle.

Illiger has also fixed a number of bugs, most notably the particularly frustrating one that crashed the game if you received a notification. This fix means that high score attempts will no longer be thwarted by your mates posting on your Facebook wall.

Tiny Wings earned critical acclaim when it arrived on the App Store last month. Since then it's been a fixture in the charts.

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