French publisher Bulkypix is about to attempt to scare pants off the App Store again with the second game in its branching FMV adventure series Hysteria Project, so it's priming the audience by releasing the original 2009 game for free.

To be honest, we weren't very sure about the Hysteria Project, with Tracy saying in his review that the "opaque choices give Hysteria Project an arbitrary feel, which is compounded by its lack of believability and narrative development."

Still, we're hoping the opportunity afforded by the sequel means Hysteria Project 2 will hit a gory, scary sweet spot.

Honed experience

In terms of the game's set up, you wake on a hospital bed hazy, not remembering what happened to you. As you come to, you are amazed to discover you have a tattoo on your arm, a tattoo you don't remember getting.

(We've all been there.)

But a clash of metal stirs you from your thoughts. You hear footsteps. They are getting stronger, louder, faster. You can make out a silhouette in the distance. He's back...

Hysteria Project 2 is due for release on January 27 for iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, check out the trailer.

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