Doing it for the kids is one of those phrases with multiple meanings, but recently on the App Store, we're seeing examples what could be called more gentle versions of otherwise fierce genres.

So, while there are plenty of bullet hell shoot 'em ups, Danish developer Tactile came up with Front Runner, an almost slow game with big claymation-style ships and characters.

Likewise, French developer Egg Ball (with publisher Bulkypix) has done something different with the Doodle Jump-style bouncing up genre.

Actually, to be more specific, A Moon For The Sky combines it with the same 'draw line, bounce off line' mechanic we've previously seen in games like Parachute Ninja and Wire Way.

Into orbit

As for the context, you've got to get the moon back into the sky, which you do by bouncing it off your line, reflecting it off bumpers, crashing it through barriers and collecting stars as you make your way up, up, up.

There are 18 levels in the main Story mode, and you're encouraged to repeat them and improve your high scores, which are logged and compared using Game Center. There's also an Endless mode.

Perhaps the nicest thing however is the game's calming atmosphere, with nice graphics combining with pleasant music and neat animations and effects.

A Moon For The Sky is out now for iPhone and iPod touch priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

There's also an HD iPad version, which is currently available at a launch price of 99c, €0.79 or 59p (eventually $1.99).

And here's the video.

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