While 2D trajectory games and twin stick shooters always seem to remain popular on the App Store, the wave of 2D sidescrolling shooters and action games seemed to peak at the start of 2010.

Rapid Turtle Games reckons it can resurrect it however with a slice of action horror in the shape of iReqiuem.

Certainly it's been working on the game for long enough - over 10 months - and there seems to be plenty of content.

Nine circles

Nineteen weapons including a rocket launcher, shotgun, flamethrower, chain crossbow and acid gun are lined up for you, and there will be special abilities and upgrades such as dark powers, spells, rites, amulets and potions.

Linking into this are the eleven kill skills you can get, as well as 40 achievements supported via the OpenFeint platform.

Gnashing of teeth

Targets include 21 monster types such as zombies, skeletons and lots of bosses, and iReqiuem will also let you control the Hell Machine and a killing helicopter.

The main Campaign mode is spread through five chapters, and there's an endless Survival mode too.

iReqiuem should be out for iPhone and iPod touch soon. You can check out the cinematic trailer - no gameplay alas - below.

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