Fans of Sierra’s '90s puzzle adventure series Gobliiins can now plug their nostalgia leak as the classic franchise’s first game is available on iPhone.

The game features 22 levels of head-scratching puzzles as you traverse the Kingdom of King Angoulafre in pursuit of Wizard Niak. In each stage, you take control of three gobliiins (Hooter, Dwayne and BoBo), who each have their own special capacities to help solve the problem at hand.

The iPhone remake is a faithful port of the game, using all the original graphics, writing, and music. You can even use a traditional pointer control scheme, or try the new and improved, iPhone-exclusive touch control mode.

To make life easier, there’s also a hint system and you’ll see object hot-spots highlighted when you search the screen with your finger. No more trekking to online walkthroughs, or calling the Sierra hint line, when you're stumped

To celebrate the game's launch, it's been released at the special introductory price of 59p / 99c / €0.79c. So if you’re interested, best jump in now before the price rises. Gobliiins is available to download now, on iPhone and iPod touch.