With over six million downloads to date, it makes sense for developer The PlayForge to keep its free FarmVille but with zombies casual game Zombie Farm updated.

And that's exactly what's happened with the catchily named version 0.79.2.

Growing higher

As well as adding support for Apple's Game Center - a biggie for social games, and one that sees the introduction of achievements, and the ability to have multiple farms on one device - there are plenty of gameplay additions too.

For example, zombies now move forwards and pile up in a more orderly fashion, they do more damage when they're in the front, and only the ones in the front can be hit by enemies.

Also, when you complete an invasion, you unlock combat abilities for your zombies, which are activated as you boost up your farm's life force. And there are new fight mechanics, as well as quests to enable you to level up faster and new daily offers for free items.

Finally, PlayForge has launched a new website for players, including screenshots, videos and links to FAQs, social networks and forums.

Zombie Farm is free and available now for iPhone and iPod touch. You can see how it plays in the following video.

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