Top economic strategy game The Settlers has launched on the iPad in the New Zealand App Store, meaning that the game will be making its way over to the UK and US from midnight tonight.

The Settlers HD is styled after the iconic BlueByte series (there’s already been seven of them on PC, fact fans), with the player responsible for building up a small colony by micro-managing the construction of vital buildings for food, production, and weaponry.

The iPad version of the game comes with an attractive new HD overhaul, as well as ‘optimized iPad gameplay’. Considering the game’s small sprites were a little dinky on the iPhone’s screen, just merely having a larger surface area would suffice in my book.

The Settlers managed to prospect a rather shiny Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it was first released back in November last year, and will be available on the iPad tomorrow for £5.99/$9.99/€7.99.