Although it was trailed as being Blair Witch with sneakers, Distinctive's Dead Runner appears to be a less scary in the flesh.

Just released for iPhone, it's a high score, first person perspective game in which you have to dodge through a dark forest by tilting your device in order to run as far as you can before you eventually collide with a tree. That's the basic Distance mode at least.

The Points mode is slightly more complex. In this your score is increased as you gain power ups, which also provide a speed boost - green power ups provide a three times multiple, purple two times while yellow are the default points option.

No nightmare

Using OpenFeint, there are various achievements to unlock too, both in terms of how far you run as well as what you hit along the way. For example, bushes will slow you down, while the end of your previous attempts are marked with a tombstone. If you collide with one of those, it's game over.

As for the promised scary nature of Dead Runner, it's perhaps better described as eerie, at least in terms of the monochrome colour palette and faintly sinister music.

Dead Runner is out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.