Revolution Software programmer Tony Warriner has teased an iPad version of Broken Sword: Director's Cut on the Revolution forum.

"It's looking like we might do one," Warriner wrote on February 13th. By March 25th, Warriner had added that "it's looking ace indeed," and that he "can't wait to show it."

Warriner has told Pocket Gamer that while Broken Sword on iPad is "not officially" confirmed by Revolution and has no specific release date, the developer is working on the game and current plans will see it launching in late April.

Warriner also confirmed that the game would be a separate app because "the dataset is so big", and graphically will require "a few new bits here and there", but the bulk of the imagery can be used from the PC and Wii versions of Broken Sword.

As for Beneath a Steel Sky? Don't expect it on iPad anytime soon. "Oooh that would be nice," says Warriner, who was a programmer on both the 1994 original game and the remastered iPhone version, "but sadly we don't have a graphic set that would do it justice."

On the other hand, a director's cut or straight port of Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror is still a "definite possibility" for the York development studio, but Warriner says "we also have entirely new stuff in the works", which will appear on the iPhone or iPad.

"No details on those yet," he says, "I'd be shot".