It’s easy to be jealous of our Japanese cousins - more often than not they get to play the best games months before us westerners are allowed to get our grubby mitts on them.

Another element of Japanese video game culture that is only just beginning to cross over to the west is the importance of pre-order goodies. Take the recently announced items that will accompany the Japanese launch of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, for example.

We have a jigsaw puzzle ingeniously entitled “Love & Piece” and a drinks container dubbed “Peace Water”. The latter also resembles a grenade for that authentic military touch.

In our opinion you can never have enough promotional items manufactured solely for pun-tastic purposes, but that’s just us.

MGS: Peace Walker is due to hit Japanese shelves on April 29th: if you’re lucky enough to live in The Land of the Rising Sun then you may want to slap a pre-order in so you stand a chance of receiving these lovely goodies.