Another week, another chirping bunch of hatchlings, ready to fly the nest. This week’s bundles are as disparate as you’ve come to expect of the App Stork, with calculated stupidity, tranquility, and controversy (see this week's featured three) huddling side by side like proper birds of a feather.

We’ve had an underwhelming response to the arrival of our iPad section, though, which, based on the reports we’re getting from developers, is entirely out of step with what’s going on behind the closed doors of code shops the world over.

Don’t be shy. Tell us about the games you're making, even if it’s just a whisper of info and a YouTube teaser. We’ll be sure to give it all the love and attention it deserves.

As for the rest of you, keep up the good work - in six months, the iPhone and iPod touch developer news section of our forum has gone from strength to strength and we now have a strong community of developers who make it their business to inform our readers of what they're up to via our forums.

If you join them, we’ll be gracious enough to reward your love of open communication by writing about your game in the App Stork, or at the very least, posting a link to your post to help increase your embryonic game’s exposure. Just like we have with this lot here - enjoy!

Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!!! - M Digital

You may have heard of this title already - good news travels fast, before thudding hilariously into a wall. Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!!! (exclamation marks developer’s own) is as much about spectacularly clearing impressive jumps as it is about spectacularly failing to clear them.

So long as the game can deliver as much fun in both outcomes, it could be looking at a dangerously entertaining feedback loop. The visuals and characters are both top notch too, with a Duke Nukem-esque voiceover boasting of Dave’s death defying abilities.

It’s not out yet, but well worth keeping tabs on.

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Revolve - Ab Parasol Oy This one doesn’t give much away about its actual gameplay, but its gorgeous pastel shaded visuals and soft understated music are inviting from the off. Described by the developer as an ‘ambient reaction game’, Revolve is all about soothing audio visual feedback and gentle undulating animations.

The main aim is to match coloured balls using a revolving arm, with severe penalties delivered for poor accuracy and major bonuses earned for perfect matches. File under 'interesting'. It costs 59p.

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iGibbets - Tatem Good god, macabre doesn’t even begin to cover this warped little gem. Though noble in some sense, it’s hard not to grimace at iGibblet’s central mechanic, which involves shooting down condemned men from the gallows using a bow and arrow.

If you hit, you're a hero. If you miss, you only speed the unfortunate dangler’s passage to the life hereafter with spectacularly bloody results.

Deliciously cutesy graphics incorporating just enough flirtation with extreme violence round off a game that has a characteristic sense of humour. Hopefully it’s as much fun to play as it is to watch - find out for just 59p.

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