These annual franchise refreshes aren't the easiest games to review, because they aren't ever starting from fresh.

They're building on existing games in an effort to provide a recognisable experience with enough new features to please stalwarts of the series, whilst beckoning in newcomers.

No small task for the developer, and one that doesn't easily lend itself to high scores simply because of the inherently repetitive nature.

Who Want to Be a Millionaire? is one of the most prolific of such mobile gaming brands, but Glu's latest addition undeniably ticks all the boxes listed above, which has to be a good sign - even if it's not a particularly exciting one.

Ask a silly question

Obviously the entire game hinges on the questions, and this is quite an intricate matter in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? arena. The gradually increasing difficulty has more levels in this game than most other quiz shows, and structuring the ascension up the money ladder is vital to the game's enjoyment.

It now begins with a new kind of opening question, requiring you to determine an initial bonus by arranging the four answers into the requested order. Indeed, it'd be great to see this type of questioning used more throughout the game, as it's a very enjoyable deviation from the multiple-choice questions.

But Glu has done some sterling work packing a huge number of questions into Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2010 (enough that this reviewer didn't see a single repeated question within a few hours of play) and the escalating difficulty level seemed wholly appropriate with every increase in the prize money.

You want to be a millionaire

So the gameshow structure is very accurate to the TV programme, and while that might not offer the kind of variety we'd normally like to see in a game sequel, it's what the franchise demands.

But that doesn't mean Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2010 is bereft of new features. Most prominently, it attempts to include you in the game in a very literal manner, by allowing you to take snapshots of your own face to attach to your profile.

This includes a normal pose, a happy one and a sad one, so your avatar reacts with a suitable response depending on your successes or failures.

It's not a feature that has any real affect on the gameplay, but it's these areas where the developer can really make a quiz show adaptation shine, so it's a very welcome addition.

On its most basic level Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2010 is at least a pocket full of new questions, but it also has a quality of production and a couple of new features that demonstrate a willingness by the developer to keep things fresh.

If you're not into the whole quiz show conversion thing, there's nothing here to entertain you. But if you like a good general knowledge challenge, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2010 is a leading contender in the gameshow genre.