Vivid Games' Samurai Puzzle Battle has performed immensely well here on Pocket Gamer on all its many platforms, so it was quite a surprise to see it disappear from the App Store.

Fortunately, this was just the lull before the storm, while the Polish developer pimped the game out into a new and improved 'Game of the Year' addition after Samurai Puzzle Battle picked up a number of media awards.

This reborn strategy game, that combines match-three gameplay with Bejeweled-styled combat as you attempt to conquer an alternate 'steampunk' Japan, was re-released over the weekend, and now comes complete with Facebook Connect, iTunes library support, revamped graphics and additional content such as a 'Making of…' feature.

Samurai Puzzle Battle returns to the App Store as a free update to existing owners, or at the bargain price of £0.59/$0.99 if you're new to it. We've got some more hot Samurai Puzzle Battle coverage lined up for you soon, so wet your sword and get out there on the battle field now.

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