Twenty four is a difficult age to be a millionaire global pop star. I remember it well.

So pathos to Lily Allen, the new poster child of refuseniks who abhore computers, mobiles, twittering and all the other outputs and inputs of the digital age.

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 1, she’s confirmed that post-March 2010, she’ll be taking a break from the music industry; something she’s already pre-empted by ditching her online presence.

"I've stopped everything, I haven't got a computer and I haven't got a blackberry. I don't do emails or anything now," she said.

"I've decided to stop being so hypocritical and consume things and pay for them. I buy music in vinyl and buy newspapers. I support the industry I'm in. I'm a neo-luddite, that's how I describe myself."

Shares in BlackBerry manufacturer RIM [NASDAQ:RIMM] were up 0.07 percent [at time of writing] on the news.