Machineworks NW has finally managed to get its Duke Nukem 3D update through the infamous Apple approval process and onto the App Store.

Version 1.1 addresses the considerable control issues found in the original release. As our own Tracy Erickson explains in his recent interview with General manager Andreas Vasen, “The virtual analogue sticks didn't function as moving sticks, working instead like static D-pads.”

The update - which had been ready and awaiting approval for almost a month - implements new “drag style” controls, bringing the game in line with other first person shooters found on the App Store.

Vasen told us that his company was very happy with the work they’ve done on the game:

"We're immensely happy with the quality, speed, and stability of the game," he says. "A touchscreen will always yield wonky controls and I think we've given a number of options to the player from which they can choose the one they are most comfortable with."

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