We like short shorts!

Okay, so Tomb Raider: Underworld didn't exactly set the gaming world's trousers on fire (other than in the usual way that playing with Lara Croft tends to do), but as a bunch of new acrobatic puzzle-solving levels, it was a decent jaunt for treasure hunters.

The game sees Lady Croft embark on a perilous journey to find Thor's Hammer, and, although there's no release date as yet, the official N-Gage webpage just went live.

But Eidos is no more than a lost relic of collapsed global economy (other than in name), so it's very interesting to see Tomb Raider: Underworld appear on the N-Gage - Lara's first adventure since Square Enix began supporting her impressive assets.

EA Mobile signed a deal with Eidos before it pulled out of the mobile market, and evidently Tomb Raider: Underworld for N-Gage was part of that deal.

It probably won't be long before Lady Croft embarks on a quest to find the lost ark of the games industry, the Nokia N-Gage, so it's nice to see the ailing platform getting a bit of Lara love. Check it out:

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