Bashing people up the mush seems to be the order of the day.

Not only has Chillingo's Touch KO gone live but Appy Entertainment has also put out a free Lite version of its FaceFighter app.

"If it has a face, you can fight it," explains brand director Paul O'Connor. "Take a photo of a friend, or get one from your camera roll, and in seconds you're trading punches and kicks, with funny facial damage for your foe."

However, the real action continues with the 99c/59p version of the game which Appy is continuing to update with new features.

To date these have included new enemies, weapons and the Immortal Judgment finishing moves. Next up will be the head-to-head multiplayer mode so you can fight other FaceFighter users. This will be rolled out as part of the 2.0 release, which is due in a couple of weeks.

The full version of FaceFighter - version 1.2 - is available now for 99c or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store; or click here to get the free Lite version.