One of the hottest crime sim games on the mobile platforms, Car Jack Streets, is getting ready to expand its illicit syndicate by offering a free Lite version to the iPhone and iPod touch miscreants.

"Car Jack Streets has been a great success for TAG both on mobile and iPhone platforms. With the release of the Lite version we now look forward to inviting a much wider audience of iPhone and iPod Touch users to enjoy the game," says TAG Games managing director Paul Farley.

The Lite version allows you to sample the action and driving of Car Jack Streets by playing through a 30 minute stint in which you need to raise $5000 pay off mob boss Frankie before midnight. You can shore up the cash by nicking motors and delivering them to Kirk's chop shop at the docks, though the cops and mobsters will be hot on your tail of all time.

You can check out our full review of Car Jack Streets right here, then head over to the App Store for a Lite bite.

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