The team behind the awesome Aurora Feint has been a tad quiet on the App Store lately (although it’s been mightily industrious in the background), but we just got word of a significant update coming to Aurora Feint II: Arena.

The update, called Daemons, adds a host of powerful entities to the gameplay that force you to change your strategies in order to earn bonuses. Daemons are unlocked by earning honour points in battle, and award you special abilities in an MMO-like skill tree.

There are seven Daemons in total, with one extra beastie (the Rabbit Daemon) that’s set free by inviting other users to the game.

  • Deer: Players have to try and match a particular colour in order to receive
  • a bonus.
  • Bear: Player deals damage to opponent by making matches of 4 or more.
  • Toad: Rotating the phone gives the player the opportunity to get easy
  • multipliers.
  • Turtle: Blocks pop slower to give the player more time to line up chains.
  • Rabbit: Player earns bonus points for making fast matches.
  • Snake: Insta-popping blocks deals damage to opponent.
  • Monkey: Chaining gives players twice the multiplier but blocks pop faster
  • making it harder to maintain a chain.
  • Lion: Making matches deals damage to opponent while in a chain.

The Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons is already available to buy on the App Store (as it’s replaced the previous Aurora Feint II: Arena listing - hit 'Buy It!' to go check it out) and will hopefully come as a free update for existing players this week.

As with all the Aurora Feint games, it features some stunning beautiful artwork. Here's a sneak peak at the Monkey Daemon.