Announcing five new iPhone titles, Glu has revealed its game plan for seizing a slice of the App Store pie. From what we tasted, it looks to be a delicious slice at that with a cross section of titles ranging from silly sports to Zen-like platformers.

The previously unannounced games include real estate simulation Build-a-lot, culinary mini-game compilation Cooking Star, an original platformer Glyder, foot racer Cops and Robbers, and Mini-Golf: Wack Worlds. All are expected to release before the end of July.

"What a cool platform," smiled CEO Greg Ballard as he spoke to us about his company's enthusiasm for iPhone and the plan to ramp up development. While some mobile games will receive the iPhone treatment, like Build-a-lot, many are expected to be specific to the platform. Glyder, for instance, is being built exclusive to the device.

"This is a change in course, a refresh for the company," Ballard proclaims. Based on our hands on time with the games, it doesn't seem like much of a change in course from the quality Glu has delivered in past titles. Slick 3D graphics are sure to grab your attention, yet inventive game design in the likes of Glyder's Zen-like exploration and the parkour stylings of Cops and Robbers promise depth too.

The announcement comes after a period of little activity by Glu on iPhone, which Ballard admits was a concerted decision to contrive the best strategy for delivering quality titles. "We want our games to be as good as possible." This is only the first in a steady stream of games Glu has in development, he says. Stay tuned for our hands on impressions of all five titles.