As part of a distinctly hilarious promotion of its new N-Gage title, Resident Evil: Degeneration, Nokia has launched a spoof dating service for zombies.

This gore-nographic spoof site, called Zombie Singles, provides all the tools you need to zombifiy a photo of yourself (or others) and create an undead profile to appeal to other living dead lovers.

Dubbed as the official dating site of the undead, Zombie Singles is profoundly hilarious, and it’s great to see Nokia finally making a sincere effort to promote the N-Gage platform.

We’ve seen the film (it was pretty good - tapered off a bit toward the end, but that’s often the case with anime and CGI films) and after splattering a bit of blood about the place on Zombie Singles, you’re undeniably inclined to check out the Resident Evil: Degeneration game, so hurrah for the ghouls!

Let’s just hope Zombie Singles catches on, and we can continue to enjoy a few grave pleasures after the game’s deceased. Head on over to Zombie Singles and give yourself a decomposing makeover. See you on the other side.

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