Resident Evil: Degeneration shuffles and groans onto N-Gage

Just in time to help you survive the horrors of Christmas

Resident Evil: Degeneration shuffles and groans onto N-Gage

Following last week’s slightly unexpected release of the brilliant Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Resident Evil: Degeneration has stalked its way onto the N-Gage showroom.

It’s come as slightly less of a surprise than the release of Konami’s masterpiece, with a steady leak of information and footage dripping out of Capcom in recent weeks like drool from a zombie’s mouth.

The game, which has been described as “a third-person shooting full-3D survival horror game” (and a partridge in a pear treeeeee) is closely tied in with the recent animated film of the same name. It features series favourites Leon Kennedy and Clare Redfield battling a zombie outbreak in a US airport.

Things appear to picking up nicely for the N-Gage platform just as most of the other platforms are winding down, which bodes well for a strong 2009.

Head on over to the official N-Gage website to download the free trial now, and stay tuned for our comprehensive review.