We don't generally get too involved in development news here on Pocket Gamer (for that, you should visit our sister site PocketGamer.biz) but Resident Evil news gets us all giggly and excited. We'd already heard it's coming to N-Gage, but the news that Capcom is adopting the Airplay SDK for Resident Evil: Degeneration means it could be a much bigger game than previously expected.

"It has been an honour to share our technology with Capcom, to help them deliver a truly revolutionary mobile game," said Rob Hendry, Ideaworks3D's head of studio. "The Resident Evil franchise demands a level of graphical subtlety and depth of gameplay which until now has been impossible to deliver on mobile. Airplay's unique tools and technologies have allowed Capcom not only to create a ground-breaking mobile game, but to deliver it on multiple native platforms from the same application binary."

Airplay is a programming platform that allows developers to create a cross-platform game without the need to alter any of the code between different versions. "Bully for Capcom", you might think, but this has benefits for us, too.

For one, it means Capcom has picked up on a software system that's got a proven track record for creating awesome looking games that run smooth and stable (so long as the developers keep the code tight, of course), but more importantly it means Resident Evil: Degeneration is likely coming to almost every handheld platform. Why else would Capcom spend money on an SDK that caters for all open native operating systems in the market today, including BREW (Verizon and KDDI), iPhone, Nokia N-Gage, Symbian OS (Series60 and UIQ3), Windows Mobile and Linux?

"To realise Resident Evil: Degeneration on mobile platforms, Capcom required a mobile technology that could deliver outstanding 3D graphics, animation and effects across multiple platforms including BREW, N-Gage and others," said Takeshi Tezuka, general manager of Capcom's mobile division. "We highly valued Airplay SDK as the one-stop solution to enable deployment of our key franchise title across various mobile platforms."

No firm details on exactly which platforms we can expect to see Resident Evil: Degeneration just yet then, but Airplay comes packaged with a plethora of cross-platform anticipation. Hit 'Track It!' now, if you haven't already.

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