New N-Gage games are coming thick and fast at the moment. No sooner had we downloaded Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol, than it was followed onto the N-Gage by Dogz.

At least, it's due to be: Nokia's official N-Gage blog says the game is going live in the next day or so. It's an updated version of Gameloft's puppy sim, with 3D visuals and N-Gage Arena rankings.

We're not sure how much else has been added from the Java game, given the relatively slim 1MB file size of the N-Gage version.

Still, the game will provide competition for EA Mobile's The Sims 2 Pets, and should offer dog-loving N-Gage owners a treat (not the crunchy brown biscuity kind).

We got hands-on with N-Gage Dogz earlier this year, and were impressed, so it's worth looking out for.