Gameloft's mobile Nintendogs beater – first screens

Who let the Dogz out? We did, of course!

Gameloft's mobile Nintendogs beater – first screens
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It seems every man and his dog is releasing a mobile game about a man and his dog. Sniffing hotly in the footsteps of I-play's My Dog and Disney's My Little Dog comes Gameloft's effort, called simply Dogz.

And before you think the French publisher is jumping on the Nintendogs bandwagon, Dogz is based on an existing series of PC and console games that was around long before Nintendo first decided to go walkies on the DS.

Anyway, Dogz sees you choosing a Jack Russell or Labrador, then bringing him up by feeding, petting, walking him and even taking the little fella to the vet if he looks a bit peaky. There's ten locations in all, with the outside ones changing according to your phone's clock.

The game promises a selection of 11 mini-games, including frisbee, racing, long jump and swimming – all of which you'll be able to train your pooch in to enter competitions.

Dogz is out imminently, and we'll have a review next week. Click the 'Track It!' button so we can toss you a bone (well, an email) when the review goes live.