Bad news, law fans. According to fansite Court Records (via Cubed3) the latest in the Phoenix Wright series, Trials and Tribulations, may never see its much anticipated European release.

How did Court Records come to this verdict? Elementary. If you go to Nintendo's European Ace Attorney mini-site, there are no links to Trials and Tribulations. Thus the case is presented.

But what about the motive? As ever, the real culprit is money. In the considered opinion of the plaintiff (Court Records), Trials and Tribulations was unable to secure a 12+ PEGI rating, and thus it was deemed a doomed venture by Nintendo and Capcom. Too few people legally old enough to buy it will have any interest in the shenanigans of a hot-headed parvenu.

All of this is conjecture, of course. Neither Nintendo nor Capcom have announced that Trials and Tribulations will not be released in Europe, and while the case is supported by the absence of the game from pre-order on either Amazon or Play, the evidence is still circumstantial.

Still, should these suspicions prove to be well-founded, it will be a crime indeed.