THQ is so excited about tomorrow's launch of Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (to be honest, we're quite looking forward to it ourselves) that it's decide to celebrate the event.

How? Well, it's asked Games Workshop and a team of professional modellers to create six exclusive Squad Command-themed PSPs (pictured). Which it's decided to give away.

Only one of the six is coming to the UK so the odds aren't entirely in your favour, but if you don't enter, you definitely won't win. And even if the PSP goes to someone else, rather than rob them why not wait and see if you can still walk away with a prize: runners-up get a copy of the game and t-shirts.

You'll find the competition and further details on THQ's official site.

While we've got your attention, and to get you in the mood for Squad Command's imminent arrival, may we suggest you take a look at the game's latest trailer? Click here to watch.

THQ says a similar competition for DS will run in two weeks' time. (But if you're as curious as us, you'll want to see the customised version of the Nintendo's handheld now.)

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