The more we see of The Simpsons, the more we want to play the finished game. In fact, we've wanted to play it since we first heard Homer was going to feature in a mini-game as a sort of lardy Nintendog virtual pet; one that's kept happy with beer and donuts rather than walks in the park and a new frisbee. That's our kind of man.

Our most recent hands-on with the game revealed how the game plays; a side-scrolling platformer with 12 different Springfield locations, you get to play as Marge, Bart and Maggie, swapping between them to use their various game abilities.

These new screenshots show off more of the game, starting with what looks like the eating contest level where Homer has to munch his way through areas themed on different countries, such as the US and Germany – burgers followed by Sauerkraut anyone?

Then there's a level where Marge has to use her special ability – shouting through her megaphone to rally up other citizens of Springfield – to form a mob to protest outside the launch of video game Grand Theft Scratchy.

Lisa's special power, the Hand of Buddha, can also be seen, which enables you to pick up and drop items on the screen, rather helpful for dealing with puzzles or squashing enemies.

As you'd hope, there are plenty of in-jokes along the way, and gaming parodies, too. Is that a pinata from Viva Piñata we spot in one screenshot? And one image shows a take on what looks like retro classic, Space Invaders, but with Bart shooting at Kang and Kodos-alikes with his catapult instead of the traditional alien blasting from a spaceship.

No everyone sees the joke, however. EA has recently revealed that some content has had to be cut from the game as a result of objections from other video game publishers to how their games are parodied in The Simpsons title.

We hope this won't prove too damaging, because this is shaping up to be the best, and funniest, Simpsons game yet. It's due out soon on November 2nd. In the meantime, enjoy the new screenshots.