There are plenty of World War 2 games on mobile – we suggest you try Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms – but WW2 outings for the thinking man are in shorter supply than unsullied pin-ups on the front line.

Well chin up, lads, reinforcements are arriving in the face of Company of Heroes from THQ – a turn-based strategy game set to launch alongside its high-profile real-time PC shooter sibling this autumn.

Following the exploits of the men of Able Company as they fight across Europe, you'll start your campaign with an insertion into Normany on D-Day. From the off, the action is represented with an isometric (that is, a fixed semi-3D) engine, and it's not just pixel deep – elements of the environment are destructible, with tank combat, ground artillery and air strikes all able to alter the theatre of operations.

As indicated in the title you'll be in charge of a company-sized force, which you can custom select for the job at hand. The same missions as are found in the PC game have been reworked for phones, and we're promised several different ways to complete the missions as well as randomized objectives that should boost the game's longevity.

Send Hitler scurrying (we've not battled through Company of Heroes yet, but we've grand plans) and you can show off your prowess by posting your profile online on a leaderboard. See you in Berlin!