Armajet: Three fun things you can unlock via packs

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Armajet: Three fun things you can unlock via packs

Tons of jetpack fun.

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Armajet packs your iPhone and Android phones with a shooter game that is simple enough to understand to the point where the game doesn't offer a playable tutorial. And just by reading the one that they offer, you'll quickly know how the game works.

This pick up and play nature makes it one of the more accessible shooters on mobile. It also is quietly on the rise in the esports community. Sure, it's not as big as popular mobile esport shooters such as PUBG Mobile or Critical Ops, but it has the potential.

This, in part, is thanks to Hammers Esports, one of the world's biggest (mostly) mobile esports organizations being heavily involved with the game. They created The Forge League which includes Armajet competitions among other games. But when you fire up the game and play, you'll notice that there several things to unlock via packs, and we'll tell you which of the fun specialty items you should look out for.

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No doubt that it's always exciting in any game when you unlock some new characters. We always appreciate something that's new and refreshing. And when it's a brand new character, then it adds a layer of flavor the game which already was pretty spicy such as Armajet.

There are nine heroes that are just waiting to be unlocked by you. You start off with Kruger, who is a cool looking robot and a character you will become familiar with very quickly. Among other characters, you can unlock include Eli, Umeko, and Rogue.

Each pilot has a small backstory and represents a different faction. There are three factions in total with two or three pilots representing each. Although all pilots can be unlocked through opening packs, there is one; Ana who can be earned by completing goals through the "Valor Road" system.

Jetpack Fuel

Another fun thing you can find in packs in Armajet is the jet fuel that you see shooting from under your jetpack. There are many kinds that you can earn, each with their own wacky styles. It's pretty similar to some of the speed boost flames you can earn in Rocket League.

These don't do anything special for your game as you might expect, but they provide some extra flair out on the battlefield. From music symbols to autumn leaves to cherry blossoms, there are several that can give you an extra bit of swagger.

And with the smooth, beautiful graphics in the game, you can really see the fuel so clearly. So it's a fun little attachment that you can unlock and make your Armajet experience a bit more pleasing aesthetically.

Ultimate Abilities

In Armajet, you have a slew of special abilities that can be unlocked through packs as you play. These abilities vary, but you start out with super speed. This power lets you run and fly faster with your jetpacks, making it a solid ability, to begin with.

From there, you can grab several other fun abilities to make yourself twice as powerful. This includes flamethrowing drones (yes, flamethrowing drones), rocket sentries, and other power Ultimates. You will be able to use these beauties several times in a match.

Just build up the meter, and you'll be good to go. Unleash it when you feel the time is right. Sometimes using an Ultimate in key spots can truly help you on your way to victory. Even a more passive Ultimate like the super speed one can prove instrumental because it improves your dodging skills.

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