Archetype update adds new map, mode

iPhone update squashes several minor bugs too

Archetype update adds new map, mode
| Archetype

A new update that went live for iPhone and iPod touch multiplayer shooter Archetype introduces a new map, additional mode, and bug fixes.

Publisher Villain had promised new content in future updates, which they've made good on in this free download.

Entitled Avarice, the new map features lofty vertical combat spaces and jump pads on which you free to launch yourself out of the way of enemy fire.

The new mode of play - Rocket Arena - puts a twist on Team Deathmatch by equipping everyone with instant-kill rocket launchers. The mode is only playable on one map, Pride.

Also included in the v1.3.1 update is gyroscopic aim-assist for iPhone 4 handsets, Facebook Connect integration across all devices, additional options, and a few minor bug fixes.

No mention of stability enhancements when connecting via 3G on an iPhone 3GS, an issue touched on in our review.

Archetype is available for iPhone and iPod touch at a price of £1.79/$2.99.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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