Archetype for iPhone and iPad receives a democratic update

Nobody vetoed the new arrangement

Archetype for iPhone and iPad receives a democratic update
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Top FPS multiplayer team game Archetype has been updated today with a few new features inspired by modern democracy (and most PC multiplayer shooters), and a ton of bug fixes and tweaks.

The democratic addition to the game is the inclusion of a new voting system to decide the map, doing away with the old, bureaucratic UN-style veto system.

In keeping with the freedom to choose a map, Archetype now also allows the transfer of gathered Combat Tags to all iOS devices running the game, including the iPad.

In terms of bug fixes, there have been a number of visual patches to stop visual glitches with the textures, a ‘major’ server update that should increase the reliability and speed of connections, and the ability to customise the gyro sensitivity and turn the music off.

Archetype impressed our Apple editor Tracy Erickson when it was released two months ago. He called it a ‘great-looking and fun shooter’ before adorning it with a prized Pocket Gamer Bronze Award.

It’s available on the App Store for the one-off payment of £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39, and can be bought using the link below.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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