Chillingo to publish anticipated iOS RTS Anomaly: Warzone Earth

High profile game gets high profile push

Chillingo to publish anticipated iOS RTS Anomaly: Warzone Earth

As predicted recently by the Rumour Miner, Polish outfit 11 Bit Studios's high anticipated strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth has been snapped by publisher Chillingo.

As Tracy pointed out in his hands-on preview, the game isn't just a clever concept, it's a well-executed one too.

A twist on tower defence, it promises intense tactical gameplay, superb presentation, and just the right amount of content to ensure satisfaction.

"It's a rare innovator in a genre packed with wannabes and copycats, aiming to deliver original, in-depth gameplay to rival the best in its class," he adds.

Tower attack

The game centers on a gargantuan alien structure that crashes into the city of Baghdad in the year 2018. A force field encases the vessel, preventing anything from infiltrating it. Naturally, it's your objective to break through the shield and uncover what's inside.

You accomplish this by commanding a line of military forces along predetermined paths lined with extraterrestrial defensive turrets.

In this way, Anomaly plays like a reverse tower defence game: instead of placing towers to guard against encroaching waves of enemies, you're pushing through a line of defences while enemies try to stop you.

Coming to all iOS devices, we're expecting Anomaly: Warzone Earth to be one of the highest profile games of 2011 to-date.

Chillingo hasn't revealed the release date, but we expect it soon.

Here's the official trailer.

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