Animal Legends gets more fighty with big Battle! update

Unleash the Dwarf Bulldogs of war

Animal Legends gets more fighty with big Battle! update
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One day I'll travel down to Carlsbad, CA, just to see how bad it actually is.

I'm thinking it can't be too bad, because that's where Appy Entertainment is based, and if they're bad it's only in the Michael Jackson sense.

Although their office is above a bar, which might be bad in another way.

But getting down to business, Appy has been getting down to business.

It's just released a big update to its cute but fighty city-building, turn-based RPG Animal Legends.

Size of the fight in the dog

Indeed, it's actually tweaked the title.

It's now called Animal Legends: Battle!, because in today's games, you just can't have enough battling.

And so it is that one of the major new feature is a Player versus Player mode, which Appy describes as a 'practically a whole new game all by itself'.

Of course, you can still play quests co-operatively, and borrow heroes from your friends to defend your city (aka Clash of Clans), as before if you're not so competitive.

Other additions include new hero characters such as the dwarf bulldog, who lives in the The Dog House (a new building) and 50 new pieces of gear, weapons and armour.

Free-to-play for iPhone and iPad, the updated Animal Legends: Battle! is available now.

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