How to use Amiibo Cards in New Horizons

How to use Amiibo Cards in New Horizons

We decided to make an extensive guide on Amiibo cards in New Horizons. Keep scrolling down to read all there is to know and get a few useful links that will help you with Animal Crossing!

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons the fifth instalment in the popular series, made for Switch. It is a carefully crafted simulation title where you go around fishing, catching bugs, digging fossils and lots more. Basically, it is all about wandering around the place in-game and enjoying the scenery while picking up some small tasks.

After its release in March 2020, the game gained a lot of fame and received acclaim from critics. The main pull of the title is, it allows tons of customization and the gameplay can be modified by the players.

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A big feature of the game is Amiibo cards. There are hundreds of cards that the game seamlessly supports starting from Series 1-4. So without any further delay, here is everything you need to know about them.

What are Amiibo Cards in New Horizon?

Back in November of 2014, Nintendo released a toys-to-life platform called Amiibo. The basic functionality of this platform is to connect the toys with Nintendo products by using a communication and storage protocol. To be specific, it uses the NFC (near field communication) feature to transfer the data. Similarly, Amiibo Cards were introduced in 2015 to use in a variety of supported Nintendo games.

How do Amiibo cards work in New Horizon?

There are two ways to use these cards in New Horizon. The first option is available on Harvey’s Island - Photopia and the campsite where you invite new people to your island. On Harvey’s Island, you have to visit the Airport and ask the receptionist to book you a flight. After you confirm the booking, you fly to Harvey’s house where you will then get the chance to use the cards.

Amibo cards New Horizons

After entering Harvey’s house, you will be asked to take the pictures to a certain location. This is where you need to use the Amiibo cards in New Horizons by taking them near the right side of Switch to connect it via NFC. Each character scanned through it will appear in-game and will become a part of the village.

Now coming to the campsite, after you unlock the area, swiftly move to the kiosk at Resident services and tap on the option to invite a character. At this point, the game will ask you to scan the card and select your character.

These are some of the easiest and only ways to use Amiibo cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Will all Amiibo cards work in New Horizon?

As mentioned above, only the cards from Series1-4 will work with New Horizon. Additionally, although there are 100+ cards in each series, the game only lets you use a single card each time.

Where to buy Amiibo Cards?

These cards are available in specific local stores which you have to search for as there’s no official listing for them. If you choose to buy it online, then there are multiple online websites selling the cards, especially on the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Are they reusable?

Yes, they can be reused multiple times but the bonus and rewards are meant for single usage. In order to summon a villager at the campsite or Harvey’s Island, however, there are absolutely no restrictions on multiple usages.